Working together to create a better place to live, work and play


Make Yourself Heard

The ‘Silent Solution’

The ‘silentsolution’ enables a 999 caller who is too scared to make a noise or speak to press 55 when prompted – this will inform the police that you a in a genuine emergency.

In danger, need the police, can't speak?

  1. Dial 999
  2. Listen to the questions from the 999 operator
  3. Respond by coughing or tapping the handset if you can
  4. If prompted, press 55 This lets the 999 call operator know it's a genuine emergency and you'll be put through to the police.

#makeyourselfheard  #silentsolution


Lydiard Park PSPO variation public consultation

There is currently a consultation regarding a possible variation for the Lydiard Park PSPO regarding dog control. For full details and information on how to take part, please view the Consultation webpage.

Public Spaces Protection Order

On 9th November 2015 a PSPO was agreed for Swindon Town Centre to combat anti-social behaviour, to find out more please see Swindon Town Centre PSPO

Working together to create a better place to live, work and play

Swindon Community Safety Partnership is working to create a safer world for those who live, work and play in the Borough of Swindon.

The partners work together to beat crime and the fear of crime, to reduce anti-social behaviour and substance abuse – in short… to improve quality of life.

In partnership with national campaigns

The Partnership launches practical initiatives and supports national and international campaigns.  It uses legal tools, including Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs), to make our neighbourhoods better places to live.  The Partnership backs schemes to support victims of domestic violence and organises Neighbourhood Safety Teams (NeSTs), allowing residents to identify community safety concerns in their areas and work with the Partnership to find solutions to improve quality of life.

How to Cover Your Tracks

If you’re worried about someone knowing you have visited this website and have looked at pages within it, please see the Cover Your Tracks section on the Domestic Violence page.