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Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)

What is a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme?

A Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is a group of residents, living in the same street, who have come together in order to make their neighbourhood a safer place in which to live.  One of the members takes on the role of NHW Co-ordinator and becomes the link between the scheme members and the Liaison Officer. 

There is no cost involved in setting up a scheme, unless a street sign is required.

What are the Benefits of Neighbourhood Watch?

  • It helps people to get to know their neighbours better and creates a sense of community.
  • It gives people peace of mind to know that they are not alone when problems arise.
  • It gives the opportunity to contact the NHW Liaison Officer at Gablecross Police Station, who will listen and, if it is deemed appropriate, pass on any relevant information to the Local Beat Officer.
  • It can help to deter prospective troublemakers from targeting your street.
  • It gives access to useful information, e.g. local crime reports, scams, anti-social behaviour updates and security advice, which is sent out by the Liaison Officer.
  • It can lead to lower priced house insurance.