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What is a NeST?

NeST stands for Neighbourhood Safety Team. NeSTs are a key crime reduction activity of the Partnership.

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NeSTs allow local people to identify community safety concerns for their areas and work with representatives from the council, police and other agencies to find local solutions.
They do not provide a quick fix to problems but do provide an opportunity for local representatives to work together to help improve quality of life for residents.
The first NeST was established in 1999. Each group meets every couple of months. Nests focus on particular issues for identified community areas - issues for one NeST may be completely different from another NeST.

Why Were They Set Up?

The British Crime Survey indicates Swindon has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, but what the Partnership finds is that people living and working in Swindon have a disproportionate fear of crime.  NeSTs seek to address this fear by circulating factual and objective data.

Who Can Get Involved?

NeSTs are not open meetings but anyone who represents his/her community or provides a local service in some way is encouraged to join.  For instance, shopkeepers, head teachers, school governors, neighbourhood watch co-ordinators, anyone who is able to represent a community group/club or a representative for his/her street may attend.  The group will also consist of local councillors, the police and relevant council officers such as youth workers, the housing department and other officers when applicable, plus agencies such as housing associations and faith groups.

Why Should Someone Volunteer?

Ultimately NeSTs need local people to identify the problems that affect them day-to-day and to work together to find solutions.  NeSTs set up so far have tackled issues such as graffiti, drugs misuse, vehicle crime and providing activities for young people.  And NeSTs have a voice that is able to influence the decision-makers.  The strength of a NeST relies on the contribution and support it receives from local people.  NeSTs in Swindon have many issues they are still working on together to resolve and are currently involved in various projects.

Some of the activities the NeSTs have already undertaken include:

•Produced and distributed Crackdown on Crime cards
•Negotiated and sought funding for the recycling of bus shelters to be used as youth shelters
•Produced and distributed Fear of Crime surveys
•Promotion of CCTV and lighting in some of the NeST areas
•Launched Walcot East Good Neighbour agreement
•Organised Community Clean Up Days
•Vehicle crime awareness campaign
•Hosted a NeST Action Day for all the NeSTs to come together to share ideas and information
•Organised and promoted community coffee mornings to provide information about community safety
•Provided a forum for community consultation and engagement
•Enabled NeST representatives to attend Neighbourhood Action Day in London
•Distributed information on drugs misuse and needle safety
•Promoted good relationships between local schools and residents

What now?

The strength of a NeST lies in and relies on the contribution and support it receives from local people.  The NeSTs in Swindon have many issues that they are still working on together to resolve and are currently involved in various projects.

If you would like to get involved in a group that wants to make your neighbourhood a safer place, have an issue or problem that you would like to bring to the attention of the NeSTs or you would just like to know more.

Then please contact
Swindon Community Safety Partnership
Telephone number (01793) 466506