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Anti-Social Behaviour & PSPOs

What is Anti Social Behviour?

Anti-Social Behaviour is anything that has caused or is likely to cause alarm, distress or harassment to another individual.  The most common types are as follows:

Youth related anti-social behaviour

  • graffiti/vandalism

  • verbal/physical abuse
  • motorbikes/mopeds on footpaths
  • underage drinking


  • intimidation/groups gathering
  • abusive language or behaviour
  • violence or threat of violence

Rubbish dumping

  • fly tipping
  • storing rubbish in gardens
  • disposal in communal areas

Vehicle nuisance

  • excessive noise from vehicles
  • abandoned vehicles

What is not considered Anti-Social Behaviour

  • Noise from children playing
  • Personal differences
  • Family disputes
  • Overgrown gardens
  • Boundary disputes
  • Normal living noises, such as flushing toilets and closing doors
  • DIY, unless it is at unreasonable times of the day
  • Small groups of youths not acting in an intimidating manner
  • Youths gathering in places which will not cause disturbance
  • Youths playing football in parks / green spaces
  • Throwing snowballs in a manner that does not cause harm to an individual or property.