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About Us


Do you help?  Can you help?  Will you help?

It is the responsibility of everyone who lives and works in Swindon to tackle the causes of Crime and Anti-social Behaviour. Please choose to do something about it.

Whilst we have agencies like the Police, Local Authority and the courts to deal with the enforcement side of crime, the people who live and work in Swindon play a crucial role in Keeping Swindon Safe.

Neighbourhood Watch: Join a scheme, start a scheme, be part of the largest and  well established crime reduction initiative in the UK.

Weeks of Action: Community led high visibility weeks of enforcement and reinforcement in identified areas. 

Community Speed Watch: Residents trained to work with the Police to make our roads safer.

NeSTs: Neighbourhood Safety Teams, a forum where people who live and work in an area can raise local community safety issues and seek local solutions to them.

Specials: Voluntarily gives their to undertake the duties of a police officer in the community.

Police Volunteers: There are a variety of tasks you can do as a police volunteer, they will tailor them to your ability and skills.

Reporting: If you don’t tell us, how will we know. 

Campaigns: We run various campaigns through out the year and are always looking for people to assist at events, help with publicity etc.

Drug & Alcohol Services: There are a number of ways in which you can help the services, a discussion with them would determine how this could be achieved.

Operation Data: Collecting information about an area to ensure that actions that are put into place are meaningful.

Street Watch:

Communities looking out for each other. Reassurance for residents by residents. 

Swindon, compared nationally, is one of the safest places to live and work.  We believe this is because people choose to take responsibility and put in place simple measures to avoid becoming a victim of crime.   It is your continued vigilance that helps us to keep our crime rate low.

I am sure that we all do things every day to ensure we live in safe and clean neighbourhoods, for example;

  • Report anything suspicious to the police
  • Secure our properties
  • Keep an eye out for neighbours

There are just a few examples and I am sure that there are many more things happening out in our communities that help us to help you Keep Swindon Safe.

If you would like to have a chat about the ways in which you could help please contact: 

Swindon Community Safety Partnership

Tel: 01793 466506